Farmer FAQ

How does Stem To Peddle work?

Stem To Peddle lets you create an online shop where you can upload and manage your flower inventory, set your delivery days and range, and take orders from florists in your delivery range. 

How much am I charged to use Stem To Peddle?

There is a 2.9% service fee charged to farmers using Stem To Peddle. This means that when you sell $100 worth of flowers you will receive $97.10. In addition, there is a 5.8% service fee charged to florists using Stem To Peddle. This means that when you charge $100.00 for an order of flowers the florist will pay $105.80.

How do I know when to deliver an order?

When an order is made the florist will choose a delivery day from the available options that you have set in your delivery preferences.

How do payouts work?

Payouts are made daily. Each payout is initiated either 3 days after the purchase date or after your order has been delivered, whichever happens later.

How do I cancel an order?

If you find that you are unable to fulfill an order please contact us through the contact page so we can adjust or cancel the order.